Kairos Inside Women Taycheedah

Taycheedah Correctional Institution

This council has been negotiating with the Chaplain and Supervisor about going inside of Taycheedah and need prayer for staffing issues to get better so they can go inside. They have sent the Chaplain books to supply the Chaplain’s library at the institution and are making plans to do something special for the residents for Easter.

They need volunteers for the following positions:
Note: Advisory Council is Co-ed.

  • Donations Coordinator
  • Agape Coordinator
  • Continuing Ministry Coordinator
  • Communications Coordinator
  • Data Coordinator
  • Fundraising/Sponsors Coordinator
  • Outreach/Recruiting Coordinator

Contact Info

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Upcoming Events

State Committee Meeting

April 30th at 1:30PM at the ReachOut Books and Solid Grounds Coffeehouse at 221 N Peters Ave in Fond du Lac. Zoom attendance is available.

Kairos Outside of Eastern Wisconsin
Advisory Council Meeting

TBA via Zoom. Contact the Chair for information.

Kairos Inside of Taycheedah Advisory Council Meeting

Meeting March 28th at 6:30PM via Zoom.

Please contact us for the zoom link. All are welcome to attend.

Kairos Inside of Oshkosh
Advisory Council Meeting

Meeting April 20th via zoom at 6:30PM. All are welcome.